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Our Story

Kandela Candles Manufacturing, commonly known as KANDELA, is a Filipino company owned by a millennial couple with 2 lovely babies.

The idea of starting Kandela dates back to 2018 when April, who was fresh off from a 9-year career in the corporate world, started taking on a new stage of her life which is being home for their 1 year old baby and helping with the family’s business by developing & exploring new markets. While at home, she started thinking of other ways to earn for the family, that’s when she turned to her love for scented candles.

Paul, on the other hand, has been hands on with their print & design business and is the one-man graphics & design team of Kandela. His background in multimedia arts & photography came in handy for the couple’s new business venture.

The name Kandela was derived from the word “candela” which is the base unit of luminous intensity in the International System of Units; that is, luminous power per unit solid angle emitted by a point light in a particular direction. 

We work hard to provide you with the top quality hand-crafted scented candles in the local market

Our Company

In 2019, the couple began testing numerous candles with varying scents & formulation until they came up with the first batch of their personally approved candles ready for critique. With the help of their closest friends and family, the first Kandela scented candles were distributed for their honest feedback, which were all taken into consideration. 

Finally, after all the product modification & improvement, Kandela launched their first six (6) scented candles in June 2020 which is what we know as the “Classic Black Collection” that we now take pride in.


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